Why Blue Okra?

Why Blue Okra?

by blueokra, September 9, 2017

Because twocarrots.com was already taken.

Seriously, I had Two Carrots in my head and even a mental image of the (very cute) logo, and found that the domain name was already taken. I toyed with the idea of twocarrots.us or twocarrots.store, but in the end decided that we needed a .com extension because that’s what everyone thinks of first. We started playing with fruit and vegetable names (we’re very health-conscious) and all the names we came up with were already taken (domain squatters, boo!). Until we tried Blue Okra. And The Hubby is a southerner who loves his okra, and okra are (is? are?) kind of cute furry little pods and even cuter when they’re blue. So here we are! Blue Okra, soon to be synonymous with “the cutest kids apparel ever” (waves hand in Jedi mind control gesture).

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