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Blue Okra

pure  /pyʊr/ 

1  not mixed with anything else
2  clean and not harmful in any way

Posted on: Apr 19, 2021
Baby Blankets and String Theory
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John Parker

At Blue Okra, we’re all about operating ethically. That word can mean a lot of different things, and we’re often asked to explain it. Surely that means you use organic fabrics for your products, and recyclable, sustainable packaging. But… do you also avoid using plastics in your products? In your packaging? Do you pay attention to the labor practices in your supply chain? Do you minimize your carbon footprint? Do you make sure your printing inks are environmentally safe? Do you avoid using caustic chemicals like chlorine bleach in your production? The list of things we could be doing is very, very long. And the answer is simple.


For Blue Okra, being an ethical company is not a checklist. It’s a mindset focused on doing the right thing for the environment and the people that are involved with our company while we build our business. It’s a concept that has gained traction as triple bottom line, as Kate Raworth’s doughnut economics, green economics, and dozens of other terms. It is manifesting in emerging new ethical business certifications, the use of blockchain technology to trace supply chains, the rise in organic farming, conscious consumers and socially responsible investing. It’s focused on the idea that we’re in this together, and we should be working together for the good of all.

So how does string theory come into that discussion? I was watching Stephen Colbert last week do an interview with Michio Kaku, author of the new bestseller The Mind of God. Michio believes that we’re beginning to understand, through string theory, the very elegant and complex way we are all tied together. I loved his simple explanation:

“The missing idea is music, music of tiny particles… All the hundreds of subatomic particles that we’ve seen are nothing but different vibrations of the same string. So, physics is the harmonies you can write on these strings, chemistry is the melodies that you can play on interacting strings, the universe is a symphony of strings, and the mind of God is cosmic music resonating through hyperspace.”

You can watch his delightful overview here.

So, are you harmonizing or sowing discord? Is your playlist  – personally and professionally, in your work, home and community – a symphony or a cacophony? We’re in this together. Being an ethical business is all about making beautiful music together.

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