My Vegan Booties

by blueokra, January 16, 2019

Vegan leather is good for animals, good for the planet and affordable, but it’s also very practical! We’re expanding our ethical baby blanket and sleepwear line, so went to Kids’ Market at the Los Angeles Apparel Mart to meet with some manufacturer’s reps. The mart has showrooms in 3 separate … More

3 Painless Hacks to Save Our Planet

by blueokra, January 10, 2019

Keep a travel mug handy, so that when you get coffee – or any drink – you don’t have to use a disposable cup. When ordering a cold drink in a restaurant, ask your waiter to skip the straw.  We’ve become accustomed to taking reusable grocery bags to the store, … More

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Mom’s Wisdom on Giving

by blueokra, February 28, 2018

Nearly everyone I know tends to run short on time and/or money. Some have an abundance of one and are short on the other, but very few of us feel that we truly have enough of both. And so when we make a decision about giving to a cause, it … More

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The Best Ethical Shopping Apps 2018

by blueokra, October 29, 2017

Being an ethically-minded consumer can involve many concerns. We’ve rounded up the best iPhone and Android apps to help you shop smarter, whether you’re looking for cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, socially just, or vegan and vegetarian products. Our Blue Okra trophy adorns our choice of a few of our favorites. To … More

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by blueokra, October 25, 2017

For decades, psychologists have been chronicling Americans’ decreasing self-esteem and increasing rates of depression. Tori DeAngelis says in her article, Consumerism and its discontents, subtitled “Materialistic values… are linked to lower life satisfaction”, that, “the least materialistic people report the most life satisfaction.” And, apparently, “Those who doubt themselves buy … More

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