Intentional Living

by blueokra, October 10, 2017

We’re obsessed with happiness. It’s the topic of endless discussions, economic studies, psychology experiments and philosophical treatises. Amazon returns 104,645 results for books on “happiness”. The failure of consumerism, a.k.a. “retail therapy”, to scratch that itch is also a hot topic. We know – almost instinctively – that buying stuff … More

Social Justice + Ecology = the New Economic Goals

by blueokra, September 22, 2017

Is economic growth killing the planet? In her new book “Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist”, Kate Raworth describes how, by plastering that question on the front of a building, “rebel economics students commandeered the street in front of the Boston Sheraton to greet the … More

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Fair Trade vs. Eco-Friendly

by blueokra, September 21, 2017

You may be thinking that these two ideals are not in opposition but they can be. If a core value of a company is to create job opportunities in the majority world, it might implement fair trade policies – despite the fact that this would create longer shipping distances during … More

Baby Blanket and Swaddle Safety

by blueokra, September 11, 2017

Blankets are great for lots of uses during the day when baby is awake, but swaddling is better for sleeping, for your little one and for you. Properly designed swaddle wraps allow for some hip and leg movement, help your baby sleep longer and more soundly on her back and … More

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by blueokra, September 10, 2017

Our new packaging is in! Made from 100% recycled paper (50% post-consumer and 50% post industrial), they are reusable and compostable, and made in the USA. Even the ink is water-soluble. When we say we sweat the details, we mean it. #GROWtheGood Oh yeah, they’re cute too!

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